About Us


To be the partner of choice for innovative business solution providers from around the globe in order to provide high standard of services ICT industry


To be the partner of choice for innovative business solution providers from around the globe in order to provide high standard of services ICT industry

  • We aim to be the best in providing world class business solutions (ERP, CRM, other ICT requirements) in GCC region
  • We respect & value our customers
  • We respect and value individuality & Creativity of our work force to create innovative, enjoyable environment conducive to professional work environment for collegues, customers and Business partners


ITG is a Saudi firm founded by Eng. Saad Al Jumaah in 1993 which has been acting as an incubator for many companies. It is credited with setup & successful launch of well-known companies across Saudi Arabia. ITG has been involved in the fields of Marketing, Consultancy, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Telecom Services, Card Printing/Smart Card Technology, and Customization of vehicles for hospitals and other special requirements of various ministries across Saudi Arabia:
Some of the companies that are products of of ITG and their brief descriptions are given below:

1. Interkey Holding Company (Interkey Group) (2010 To Present)

A Saudi holding company which partly or wholly owns, controls or manages a growing list of affiliates and subsidiaries as described below

2. Interkey Companyfor Communication And Computer (Interkey) (1999 To Present)

  • A Saudi ICT company with special focus on telecom distribution & value added services.
  • First Prepaid Calling Card Company in GCC
  • First Company to help STC launch Prepaid services in Saudi Arabia (Distributor of Prepaid SIM & Recharge)

3. Interkey Information And Services (Ikeydata) (2007 To Present)

Application Specific Internet Service Provider (ASISP) of ICT solutions:

  • KeyNet Service
  • Audiotex Service Provider (700 Service)
  • Dedicated Hosting data Center
  • Shared hosting
  • Rack Rental / Disaster Recovery Services

4. Interkey Technology Group (Itg Tech) (2002 To Present)

A Saudi company which specializes in customized vehicles such as communications on wheels, ambulances, armored vehicles, mobile clinics, etc.

5. Future Values Company (Fv) (2013to Present)

A Saudi company that deals in providing various innovative and unique products and services.

6. Oncall Limousines Llc(Oncall) (2012 To Present)

Limousine and transportation first class service provider

7. Saro International Llc (2010 To Present),

531 Fairchild Loop, Moses Lake, Washington 98837, USA; Tel. Nos. (+1) 5099890304 and 509 7669053; Fax (+1) 509 765-0548; aljumaah.saad@interkey.com.sa

  • A Washington, USA, limited liability company which handles real estate property and other investments in the USA.
  • 90% ownership by ITG.

Our Team

We are (Exclusive) partners with award winning service providers from South Africa who proudly boast 100 % success rate of Implementations of ERP and CRM from Sage Our Team of certified consultants ensures that our clients get the best of the selected solution in terms of software and services. They ensure that our clients get the state of art system along with exceptional services during implementation as well as after sales support.

We work closely with Clients to ensure that team working on projects is approved by clients prior to commencement of project. This unique method allows customer to choose their implementation team based on CV and Interview in some cases.

We look forward to showcasing our services your esteemed organization.


Nextivity Inc., USA

  • It is a leading developer of indoor coverage technology which optimizes the experience of wireless subscribers and increases Radio Frequency (RF) network capacity for mobile operators.
  • ITG is holding 8.6% and 3.3% for A and B shares group respectively.

WHI (We Heart IT),USA

  • It is an image based social media network where users collect images to share with friends
  • SARO has .4% shares while ITG has 1.5% shares

Groupo Senseta

A Columbian company with a branch office in USA

  • It is a solutions-oriented technology company.
  • The company major business is resolving some of the most complicated data challenges, using a new approach in capturing and big data analytics technologies.
  • ITG own stakes through SARO (SARO owns 90% of this entity)